We operate in a defensive and resilient market, and our services are in demand regardless of economic cycles.

Trends in property maintenance

  1. The building stock is ageing and becoming increasingly technical
  2. Service outsourcing is becoming more common
  3. Digitalisation
  4. Corporate responsibility and sustainable development
  5. Urbanisation
  6. Industry consolidation
  7. Shortage of highly competent professionals

Drivers of our growth

  1. The need for property life-cycle services and continuous contractual building technology services is growing
  2. Customers want to purchase services comprehensively through a single partner; the demand for a comprehensive service offering is growing
  3. Digital service platforms enable the improvement of operational efficiency and the exchange of information
  4. The trend of sustainability creates the need for property maintenance services that increase property value and extend the property life-cycle
  5. Urbanisation creates the conditions for service areas that cover larger sets of properties
  6. The consolidation of the industry enables the M&A-driven strengthening of local concentrations of specialised service providers and growth that exceeds the average growth rate of the market
    • Acquisitions also address the shortage of highly competent professionals in the industry
    • By taking good care of our personnel, we ensure our ability to produce high-quality property services locally