Managers’ transactions

PHM Group’s managers and their closely associated persons must notify PHM Group and Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) of all transactions.

The notification must be made in writing and the person in the management position must retain a copy of the notification.

The notification to PHM Group and FIN-FSA is to be made as soon as possible and on the third (3) working day after the transaction at the latest.

Instructions on notifying of transactions

1. Fill in the Managers Transaction Form in FIN-FSA electronic services

The use of electronic services requires strong user identification by using the national authentication service In case you don’t have a Finnish identity number, you need to register and log in.

Details for the form:
LEI code: 7437002P82P6OBDFWT48
ISIN code: FI4000507876

2. Send the completed form to PHM Group electronically

On the final page of the form, you can save the form as a pdf. Send the completed form from your email to Kindly add your phone number in the email.

3. Send the completed form to FIN-FSA electronically

On the final page of the form there is a send button. After you have saved the form as a pdf, click the send button.

PHM Group will publish the notification as a stock exchange release without delay and no later than two business days after receipt of the notification. 

More information on the regulation of transactions made by the managers and their closely associated persons is available FSA web pages. You can also contact for assistance.