We look after people and the environment

Responsibility is a key part of our daily operations. Our employees in different countries make sure that our customers’ daily lives are safe, smooth and comfortable. The outcome of our responsible work is a satisfied customer.

Corporate responsibility management at PHM Group

Corporate responsibility is one of the cornerstones of PHM Group’s business strategy. Our corporate responsibility work is centered around three areas: good governance, a safe and diverse workplace, and climate and the environment.

Good governance

We always operate with integrity and fairness. In all our operations, we comply with legislation, official regulations and our own Code of Conduct, and we require the same from our subcontractors and other partners. PHM Group’s Code of Conduct sets out the rules that all our companies and employees must follow to ensure responsible operations. Our suppliers and subcontractors are subject to separately set corporate responsibility requirements.

A safe and diverse workplace

For us, social responsibility primarily means responsibility for our employees. We are a significant employer and, as a growing service company, the number of people we employ will grow further in the future. Satisfied and committed employees provide the best service to customers. We offer diverse duties, support the career development opportunities of our employees and look after their well-being. We provide our employees with healthy and safe working conditions.

The climate and the environment

We operate locally, but we represent the combined strength of big group. For this reason, we are aware that our operations may have a significant impact on the environment. We comply with environmental legislation and the regulations issued by the authorities in all circumstances, and we require the same from our subcontractors.

We have identified the environmental impact of our business and are steering our operations towards a less environmentally damaging direction. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fuel consumption is our main environmental challenge. For this reason, we are committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2035.

Corporate responsibility reporting

Read more about our corporate responsibility work in our Annual Report.