The three dimensions of sustainability work

The cornerstones of sustainability are created from consistent operating practices and rules. In our corporate sustainability strategy, we focus in particular on three areas:

Good governance

In all our operations, PHM Group complies with the applicable legislation and regulations issued by the authorities, and we require the same from our employees, subcontractors and other partners. We are committed to operating with integrity.

Our Code of Conduct

We respect human rights and workers’ rights. We treat each other and job applicants with respect and equality and without discrimination. We do not condone any form of bullying, harassment or inappropriate conduct. We do not discriminate against anyone based on age, origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, opinion, political activity, trade union activity, family relations, health, disability, sexual orientation or other personal reasons.

We comply with labour law, collective agreements, occupational health and safety regulations, and other obligations. All our employees have a written contract of employment. Our employees enjoy freedom of association. We observe consistent HR practices, operating principles and policies. We use professional payroll calculation to ensure consistent wage payment practices.

We do not condone bribery of any form in our business operations. All PHM Group employees are required to act with integrity and transparency. We have an internal whistleblowing channel for reporting suspected misconduct.

A safe and diverse workplace

For us, social responsibility primarily means responsibility for our employees. We employed thousands of people in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We are a significant employer and, as a growing service company, the number of people we employ will grow further in the future. Satisfied and committed employees provide the best service to customers. We offer diverse duties, support the career development opportunities of our employees and look after their well-being. We provide our employees with healthy and safe working conditions.

We employ people who represent different cultures and age groups and have different educational backgrounds or previous career experience. To enable our growth, we have a continuous need to recruit competent professionals, which is why we aim to be a motivating and diverse workplace for professionals regardless of their background.

Occupational safety is one of our highest priorities
Our employees occasionally work in challenging conditions, and they regularly use various types of machines, vehicles and tools. We also handle various chemicals in our maintenance and cleaning operations. We comply with the occupational safety and health legislation that applies to our operations.

Our goal is to provide all our employees with comprehensive orientation training at the beginning of the employment relationship and subsequently to provide additional training according to their duties and needs throughout the employment life-cycle. We require our business units and employees to observe safe working practices, including the use of personal protective equipment whenever their tasks require it.

The climate and the environment

We continuously develop our operations to reduce our adverse environmental impacts. We comply with environmental legislation and the regulations issued by the authorities in all circumstances, and we require the same from our subcontractors. We encourage all of our partners to continuously develop more environmentally sustainable operating practices.

We are always close to the customer, which minimises the distances travelled and reduces fuel consumption. Our fleet consists of thousands of vehicles, including vans, cars, lorries, snow removal vehicles and other mobile machines. We take ecological considerations into account in route planning and optimise the structure of our operating areas and units in accordance with potential changes in our contract portfolio. As a rule, we invest in low-emission vehicles and machines.