Local master or Nordic Group? 
Why not both.

We offer the most efficient service near you. We believe in local service supported by the combined strength of all of the Nordic countries. The people at PHM are honest and local professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit. They work well and efficiently and listen to the customer’s wishes. That is why they are the best professionals.

PHM Group - Asiakkaille

Patrik is the right man to maintain roads or empty cesspools in Raisio. If you want to fix up your yard in Espoo, call Merja or Tuomas. In Stockholm, door locks are fixed by Per. In the Oulu region, offices are kept clean by Marianne and Helinä.

The majority of people’s wealth is tied up in the same place that their life is. In homes and real estate. That’s why it’s nice to know that they are taken care of by a familiar face who knows the specificities and needs of the houses and people. The Patrik or Merja of your city. It is even better when they have the right resources and the same methods at their disposal. That’s what the PHM Group is for.

The PHM Group consists of companies that serve locally. Our job is to take care of people by taking care of their surroundings. Our versatile range of services is also at your disposal when you are looking for a property service partner for commercial, office or industrial properties. Read more about PHM Commercial Real Estate, which operates nationwide in Finland.

Our goal is the safety and comfort of our customers, as well as the preservation of the value of the properties and extending their technical life-cycle.

Big or local? Why not both?

We believe that the only thing better than local service is local service with big resources. With PHM, you don’t have to choose between your well-known local entrepreneur and a big Nordic provider. With us, you’ll get the best of both. 

We currently serve customers in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany with over 6,000 professionals. We are a growth company and are constantly expanding into new areas. PHM Group is owned by the funds managed by Norvestor and the Intera fund, together with the executive management and key personnel.

As a group, we are able to guarantee the reliability of local companies in terms of both personnel and equipment. In addition, we are able to provide our customers with the entire palette of property services, from office cleaning to digital services.

Our actions are guided by common values. We operate with:

  • 1. An entrepreneurial mindset – we take the initiative.
  • 2. Integrity – we keep our promises and schedules.
  • 3. Responsibility – we take people, the environment and regulations into account.

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