Investor calendar

PHM Group Holding Oyj will publish the Financial Statements Release, Half-Year Financial Report and two Interim Reports in 2024 as follows:
14 February 2024 – Financial Statements Release for 2023
15 May 2024 – Interim Report for January–March 2024
15 August 2024 – Half-Year Financial Report for January–June 2024
15 November 2024 – Interim Report for January–September 2024
The Financial Statements and Annual Report for 2023 will be published during the week 17/2024.
Q1/2023 interim report release15.5.20239 am CET
Q1/2023 investor presentation16.5.202310 am CET
Q2/2023 half year report release14.8.20239 am CET
Q2/2023 investor presentation15.8.202310 am CET
Q3/2023 interim report release14.11.20239 am CET
Q3/2023 investor presentation15.11.20231 pm CET
Q4/2023 financial statements bulletin release14.2.20249 am CET
Q4/2023 investor presentation15.2.202410 am CET