PHM Group
– a Nordic property service company

PHM Group is a property services group whose mission is to care about people by taking care of their surroundings. PHM Group consists of the best local enterprises sharing the same values and motives, entrepreneurship, and a fair and responsible way of working.

We believe that the only thing better than local service is local service with big resources. With PHM Group you do not have to choose between your well-known local entrepreneur and a big provider.

We provide a diverse range of services related to property maintenance and management. Our goal is to ensure safety and comfort of living of our customers and the preservation of the value of our customers’ properties and extending their technical life-cycle. Our large customer base consists of over 40,000 contractual customers, most of which are residential buildings and smaller local real estate housing companies.

Today we are present in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany with over 10,000 professionals. We seek growth and continuous expansion to new areas.

Our vision is to be the leading local partner in property services. In line with our strategy, we will seek organic growth and continue to make acquisitions in the countries in which we want to grow into a significant player. We will maintain and improve operational efficiency by, for example, developing our additional sales and service concepts and strengthening our digital service offering.

PHM Group’s owners are funds managed by Norvestor and a fund managed by Intera, together with the executive management and key personnel.

Our strengths

  • We are a property service group that is made up of strong local companies.
  • We serve our large customer base by providing a comprehensive range of property maintenance, management and technical services locally in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany.
  • We have a solid track record of strong growth both organically and through acquisitions.
  • The resilient local property service market provides us with opportunities to grow even during times of general economic uncertainty.
  • Our growth strategy is clear and it provides us with several paths to grow over and above the market growth.
  • The fragmented market in which we operate offers us plenty of opportunities to further capitalise on our low risk acquisition strategy.